QR-Code Migration

Migrating existing QR Codes requires changing legacy url links onto a new format. This requires re-generating the QR Codes with new links.

Migrating 3D Viewers & Scenes

The new link structure for viewers is as follows.

https://app.plattar.com/renderer/viewer.html?scene_id={YOUR SCENE ID}

Migrating VTO Experiences (Face AR)

The new link structure for face-ar experiences is as follows.

https://app.plattar.com/renderer/facear.html?scene_id={YOUR SCENE ID}

Migrating Product/Variation Experiences

The new link structure for visualising products and variations is as follows.

https://app.plattar.com/renderer/product.html?product_id={YOUR PRODUCT ID}

Additionally, an optional variation_id can be supplied to load a specific variation linked to a product, otherwise the default variation will be used.

https://app.plattar.com/renderer/product.html?product_id={YOUR PRODUCT ID}&variation_id={YOUR VARIATION ID}