3D Viewers & Embeds Migration

The new Plattar Renderer framework ships with a new URL structure and a new plattar-web JavaScript/TypeScript SDK.

In order to migrate onto the new Rendering framework all existing embeds and viewers must use the new URL structure or the open-source SDK.

SDK Installation

See Github plattar-web SDK. SDK can be used as either a direct link or from NPM.

Install Via NPM (Option 1)

Use NPM and bundle against existing build workflows through the following command

npm install @plattar/plattar-web

Install via pre-built package (Option 2)

Use a prebuilt package to include in your existing website

		<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@plattar/plattar-web/build/es2019/plattar-web.min.js"></script>
	<!-- ...rest -->

SDK Migration Guide

The Existing Scene/Product embeds will look like the following, copied from the Plattar CMS.

Legacy URL/Embed Schema
<iframe id="plattar-f1d774861ab4" src="https://app.plattar.com/webgleditor/preview/index.html?sceneId=7ef4f0c0-cfcb-11eb-8134-f1d774861ab4" width="500px" height="500px" frameBorder="0" allow="camera; vr; autoplay; xr-spatial-tracking" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Using the plattar-web SDK, the new structure looks as follows. See github for instructions on how to use the SDK.

SDK Viewer Embed Schema
<plattar-viewer scene-id="7ef4f0c0-cfcb-11eb-8134-f1d774861ab4" width="500px" height="500px"></plattar-viewer>

Migrating FaceAR Experiences

FaceAR based experiences are migrated using the same SDK. The new structure looks as follows.

SDK FaceAR Embed Schema
<plattar-facear scene-id="7ef4f0c0-cfcb-11eb-8134-f1d774861ab4" width="500px" height="500px"></plattar-facear>