Sending Other Events

Going to full screen view

Makes the Plattar view fullscreen and renders the user’s camera in the background (will require https). Optional camera flag to set whether the background camera will render or not

comms.send('goFullscreen', {camera: <boolean : true>);

Resetting the scene to the original position/viewpoint

Resets the scene to the starting position.


Showing the default help hints.

Displays the default hints for the user to interact with the 3D environemnt. Optional type flag to show either mouse control hints or touch control hints.

comms.send('activateHelp', {type: <string - 'mouse|touch'>});

Turning on the device’s camera as a background

This will ask for permission to display the device’s camera in the background of the scene for overlaying the 3D content onto the world. Optional argument to set the camera on/off.

comms.send('toggleCamera', {active: <boolean>);