Release - 26/11/2021


  • Scene Annotations will now be automatically occluded by 3D models. When a Scene Annotation is occluded, it will dim slightly but still be clickable.
  • Plattar Renderer now supports a slowTick function that executes once every 30 frames. This is useful for performing frequent but heavy computations. slowTick is also accessible via PEX.
  • Model Viewer via the plattar-model node now supports adding 3D annotations. See documentation at for more info.
  • Configurator backend now supports both Scene Products and Scene Models. This has been implemented as part of the plattar-services SDK. See documentation at for more info.


  • Configurator AR PEX Script has been modified to handle multiple product inputs. See docs at for more info.
  • QR Codes generated via the Plattar QR Code SDK will now render much sharper regardless of output resolution.
  • IOS Face VTO Experiences generated via the Generic Editor now supports using FileModels alongside Products and Variations.
  • QR Code SDK will now automatically re-render the QR Code when any of the <plattar-qrcode /> HTML Attributes have changed.


  • Fixed a bug where the infinite-grid was appearing with screenshots taken in both the Generic Scene Editor and Product Editor.
  • Fixed a bug with plattar-qrcode SDK where margins=0 was rendering incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug with USDZ File Conversion where certain GLTF Models would refuse to convert due to badly configured GLTF attributes.