This document can be used as a reference on how to generate the required App Key for the Plattar SDK.

The App Key is a unique Base64 encoded JSON string used by the SDK to initialise the required rendering engines to display app content.

The Application ID

Each application created in the Plattar CMS has a unique V4 UUID. The primary UUID for the application never changes and is never replicated. The application ID is required to perform a GET request to generate the SDK’s App Key. The UUID for your application will be visible in the browser taskbar when you navigate to the dashboard. Perform the following.

  1. Login/Register to the Plattar CMS
  2. Go to your Dashboard. It is the first page when you login to the CMS
  3. Note down your Application ID from the browser navbar. It will look like cms/#/dashboard?appid={YOUR APP ID}

The App Key

Using your Application ID from the previous step, perform a GET Request to the endpoint{your-app-id}/appkey

The endpoint will return a Base64 encoded JSON String. Use this key to initialise the Plattar SDK.


  1. Your generated App Key will never expire.
  2. Your generated App Key will never change from user actions. Ie, adding/removing content from the CMS does not change the key.
  3. Your generated App Key is the same for both IOS/Android and any other future platform supported by Plattar.