plattar-ar-adapter SDK has dependencies on the following open-source projects.

These dependencies are automatically installed & bundled via NPM.

No additional actions are needed to resolve these dependencies.

  • plattar-api - Used for interfacing with the Plattar API
  • plattar-web - Used for managing various embeds for Scenes and Products
  • plattar-qrcode - Used for generating Plattar Styled QR Codes

Install via NPM

Use NPM to install the latest version of plattar-ar-adapter SDK for a new or existing project.

npm install @plattar/plattar-ar-adapter

Install via JS Embed

The SDK is also available as pre-built and packaged JavaScript bundle that can be used for projects without NPM support.

See plattar-ar-adapter repository for alternative built packages.

Use the following script to embed the latest version of the pre-built plattar-ar-adapter SDK on your existing website.

<script src=""></script>